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  • Our cooperation with Red Bull Mediahouse and Peter Clausen Film Production has taken flight and our EagleCam endeavours are reaching a new height with the 360° Camera application! The first larger EagleCam Shooting took place in the dolomites in front of the magnificent backdrop of the Langkofel Massive. Red Bull just posted the clip on their facebook channel last week and it got a fantastic reaction. Some of the feedback tell us that not everybody believes the video to be true... but we can promise you: It's the real thing! The bird on the video is our Golden Eagle "girl" Fritzi, she is carrying the camera on her back and she's a natural, as you can see...



  • Tiertrainer Paul Klima auf der 120 Meter Schanze in Garmisch - Partenkirchen

    Everybody said that this wouldn't work. And then somebody came who didn't know that and just did it.
    A statement that became my life philosophy. For a long time now the training of birds of prey and owls for movies, TV productions or acadamic projects has been part of my work as an animal trainer.

    Since the first episode of 'Germany from above' for the ZDF series TerraX, I have been training eagles to fly accompanied by a helicopter, so they can be filmed with the Cineflex-Camerasystem in a unique way which has never been seen before. Flights in the wind tunnel for the production of super-slow motions with high-speed cameras, the work with a camera crane, motion picture recordings or also the work in the studio belong to my scope of work. To make a scene with the birds filmable and good-looking, I think a lot about the special requirements, and with purposeful extra training I work out suitable solutions.

    In addition I specialised on the production of high resolution imaging of bird's eye view. Together with the Fraunhofer IIS in Erlangen we developed the tiniest and most powerful micro HD cinema camera which produces pictures like the 'Nils Holgersson view' which have never been seen before. I take much pleasure in managing demanding challenges, creating brilliant and sprectacular images which enrich movies and can give the ability to differ positivly from other competitive productions.

    Besides of my active work as a movie-bird trainer I coach other bird trainers with less experience, and help them working with birds and on set to finish their required assignments. 


  • A fabulous example of what kind of stunning images our Golden Eagles are able to produce you can see here. Certainly we are not getting close to the visual abilities that the eagle naturally possesses, but to accompany them during their flights is always very special. Fritzi is a very confident camera woman, she just loves to "work" with us in the mountains. This time she is flying for Red Bull Mediahouse and Allgäu Tourism over the Nebelhorn (transl. Foghorn) area. It's a good thing that this mountain is not taking its name too seriously and presents us with bright sunshine on this day :)

  • Checker Tobi, presenter of a kids science and knowledge series on KIKA and ARD channels, came to check out our Golden Eagles. For a new sequel he wanted to know more about seeing and the functioning of the eye in general. Since our eagle lady Fritzie is well known for her good looks, well, good vision also, the team filmed on our Falkenhof location together with Paul. Now every kid will know how we are doing this with the EagleCam thingie ;)

    A glance over the shoulder

  • There are various "Moviestars" at home in our Falconry. Maybe you've seen our Golden Eagle 'Sky' in a few Nature Movies? With our specially developped camera system, the "EagleCam" we are able to accompany him on his flights through stunning alpine scenery. These impressive film sequences can be seen in movies like "Brothers of the Wind", documentaries and commercials.

    Part of the EagleCam Team are also the Golden Eagles „Bruno“ and „Fritzi“. Videos of their flights equipped with the 4K and VR EagleCam have gone viral on social media. Paul Klima brings with him over ten years of experience and Know How with his camera technique and the corresponding custom fit training of his Golden Eagles – which makes "Der Falkenhof Paul Klima" the specialist in EagleCam applications of all kind.