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Hier in unserem Blog berichten wir euch von unserer täglichen Arbeit mit den Greifvögeln, am Falkenhof und besonders unterwegs zum Training und Filmaufnahmen mit der EagleCam. Wir freuen uns wenn ihr vorbeischaut.




A fabulous example of what kind of stunning images our Golden Eagles are able to produce you can see here. Certainly we are not getting close to the visual abilities that the eagle naturally possesses, but to accompany them during their flights is always very special. Fritzi is a very confident camera woman, she just loves to "work" with us in the mountains. This time she is flying for Red Bull Mediahouse and Allgäu Tourism over the Nebelhorn (transl. Foghorn) area. It's a good thing that this mountain is not taking its name too seriously and presents us with bright sunshine on this day :)

We did a short trip to Merano in South Tirol. During a walk along the most romantic Summer Promenade and the even more romantic Winter Promenade we had a surprising encounter with an Eagle and his nest - how could it be any different, right?

Three eggs seem a bit untypical ;)

The next day we went up to the falconry of Dorftirol Castle - visiting the falconer Florian Gamper. It's a beautiful location with stunning views!

This funny bird is the Caracara of Dorftirol

I wrote about the Public Art Project of Artist Susi Gelb last time already - that was more or less the "Making Of". This time we actually went and saw the project ourselves. Susi gave us a very personal and entertaining tour of all three locations the project is taking place. Although we had some behind-the-scenes knowledge of the eagle part, the many other scopes made for some entertaining stories.  "No such things grow here" with everything that grows, flies, swims and plops seems completely integrated by the people of Munich in their daily doings, they are relaxing on the benches watching the movie and like to party there at night... Art that gives you a good feeling - too bad it's not going to last longer.

Susi and Paul having a little refreshment. It's summer in the city and the girls behind them are relaxing on the benches - also designed by Susi out of concrete and integrated thermo tiles - the English Garden now reaches down to Max-Joseph-Platz.

The crooked palm tree at Odeonsplatz is looking for a new home after the project is over. It would be nice if it could stay on in a public place as a reminder. "I was once planted in front of the Feldherrnhalle by Susi Gelb, no kidding"....

The yellow Python swimming in a blue pool was one of my visual favorites, but of course I stayed true to our Eagle. If you want to see the snake you have to go there and watch the film yourself ;)

The opening of the great public art project "No such things grow here" by artist Susi Gelb took place last friday. In various locations of Downtown Munich palm trees and other exotic plants are growing now and a big video screen has been mounted on Odeonsplatz displaying film squences, part of it is the flight of our Golden Eagle Fritzi over the water surface. Don't miss it!
More infos about the art project you can find  here on Susi Gelb's webpage.


So just a few weeks ago we've been filming in the beautiful ravine of the "Walchen" river. Fritzi was flying the EagleCam through the gorge and over the waters surface. Paul dressed up in his Edelrid "pants" especially - he had to lean out quite a bit from high up to give Fritzi the perfect starting position. She did an awesome job and we came home with EagleCam material of three different flights and angles.