HALLOO! The "Landshuter Hochzeit", the great medieval royal wedding the city of Landshut is celebrating, is only taking place once in four years - and 2017 there is an additional highlight. Our Golden Eagle Fritzie is flying with the EagleCam over the Old Town, starting on top of the church tower and landing on the castle walls. She changed the choreography a bit and chose the landing place herself - I was waving my rat in vain down there on the tourney grounds. Nonetheless, it was an impressive flight and we got some great material. The early rising paid off, so our Golden Eagle could bathe in the first golden sunrays of the day.
Have fun watching it on youtube.

Many thanks to Caro and Ursula for their support, the provision of the photos (too bad one can't be in two places at the same time - also it would help not to forget the memory card) and the warm coffee and treats.