Paul Klima mit Steinadler Sky


Since 2008 I don't just train young people in, I also offer interested laymen, to shadow my work. In the past years there have been 3 special experiences, these were individually fitted onto the wishes from my guests. The most intense experience will be the falconer adventure day, on this day you will be able to shadow my work for a couple of days. A falconerworkshop normally takes about 2 hours and is structured for groups up to 6 participants. In both programs its most important to me, that you get to know the falconers job a bit closer, and to explain it more clearly that the education of these elated animals not deal with starving. It more leads over the path to have a special bond of trust and positive motivation to succed.
If you are fascinated by these extraordinary aesthetics of the birds of prey and want to keep a remaining value of the experience, I offer you the possibility in an experience to generate a photoshooting with birds of prey. This is a very unique opportunity. In my long standing work as a film animal-trainer I learnt from the best animalfilmmakers and cameraman of the scene, this is why my composition is such a special one. All falconry experiences are also suited very well as special experience presents, for a birthday, for christmas and for many other occasions.
Besides the falconry–experiences, I offer you the possibilty to accompany me as a passenger in the tandem paraglider. Through the work with the proud kings of the winds from which I have learnt a lot about the aviation, the enthusiasm has packed me years ago. Since I myself fly I understand my birds comprehensively. To share this knowledge and the unique feelings has become a passion of mine.


Teilnehmer beim Falkner Erlebnis Tag

To become a falconer yourself for one day. To be very close to the kings of the winds. I can fulfill you this dream.

Teilnehmerin beim Falkner Workshop


Learn the handling with the proud birds of prey in a falconer workshop and take part in a training session.

Teilnehmerin beim Erlebnis Fotoshooting mit Greifvögeln

With my adventure photoshootings with the birds of prey you will get unique and incomparable picture series of yourself.

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